Manifestation of his calling:
December 14,2014.

Mission: Worldwide Evangelization.

The Apostle of Consolation.

The Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, is the International Director of the Church of the Living God Pillar and Ground of the Truth, The Light of the World. He was born on May 7, 1969 in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico.

From an early age, his life has been dedicated to the service of God. At age 14, he was made a youth group leader in the Guadalajara Church. During this time, he strived to be an example of commitment and dedication in the evangelization work of bringing the message of love and salvation to souls. In this period of time, he was sent as a missionary to Spain and Portugal, where the work of evangelization was just beginning.

He was married on June 14, 1992 with sister Alma Zamora de Joaquín, with whom he has 3 children: Adoraim, Eldai and Sibma.

For 22 years, he was a minister of the Church in several cities of the United States, the first Church being in Phoenix, Arizona followed by several cities in California: Huntington Park, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, Santa Maria, San Diego and Santa Ana. He was anointed as a Deacon in 1994 and as a Pastor in 2000. From 2003 to 2014, he was the appointed Director of the Northern Jurisdiction of the Church in México which includes all of the states that border with the United States.

During this time, he designed and organized Communications Center Berea USA (CCB), a non-profit information organization that began its work in August 2009 with a focus on culture and the cultivation of a strong social media presence.

One of the areas his work was focused on, during this time, was in defending the separation of church and state. For this reason, he traveled to various cities throughout a five year period organizing forums, symposiums and press conferences fostering mutual respect and support in favor of the separation between state and church.

In 2012, he inaugurated Sämann University of Jalisco Tijuana Campus, which is a higher education institute that promotes the furthering of education. It was designed with the goal of creating an affordable educational institute where young people from both southern California and northern Mexico with economic limitations can further their studies and fulfill their dreams

Calling to the Apostleship

On December 8, 2014, after the passing of the Apostle Samuel Joaquin Flores, our brother Naasón Joaquín García received the divine calling to take up the Ministry of his Apostleship and with it, mark a new era of the dispensation of grace. His calling was manifested to the Church on December 14, 2014, the day he officially assumed the direction of the Church that had reached a worldwide presence of 50 nations.

Shortly after his calling, the Apostle of Jesus Christ began a worldwide missionary tour through the countries and cities where the Church is present and to bring the news of salvation to all humanity because one of principle teachings he preaches is that the Gospel is inclusive and is not partial towards any language, race or nationality.

He also considers that education is fundamental to familial development, which is why one of his priorities is to promote the creation of educational and entrepreneurial training centers to combat the obstacles faced by more underdeveloped communities. His spiritual mission is clear: to insure that the word of God is preached in every nation of the world and the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ be made known everywhere.