The Church was founded on and by our Lord Jesus Christ, who by his sacrifice has granted us forgiveness of sins and justification before God as well as the promise of eternal, celestial life.

"... and by a prophet the Lord brought up Israel out of Egypt, and was guarded by a prophet."
Hosea 12:13

It was the will of God that April 6, 1926, would be the signaled time to restore His authority on Earth and give way to the resurgence of the Church of Christ.

By 2014, there were more than two thousand houses of prayer and the number of baptized members had reached 5 million in 50 nations worldwide.

Jesus Christ is our foundation and founder. After his death, resurrection and ascension to the heavens, Jesus entrusted his Apostles with the preaching of the Gospel: those converted to the apostolic message are our brethren of the Early Christian Church. The time of Initial Dispensation in the first century of our era was a time of grace.

Whenever God wants to communicate with mankind in order to manifest His promises, He does so through His messengers, “... and by a prophet the LORD brought up Israel out of Egypt, and was guarded by a prophet.” Hosea 12: 13

The first Apostles to receive such a noble mission were: Andrew, Bartholomew, James the elder, James the younger, John, Judas, Matthew, Peter, Philip, Simon, and Thomas. Jesus Christ gave them the authority to preach his word and to be keepers of the sound doctrine, "As the Father has sent me, even so I send you" John 20: 21

The Apostles Paul and Matthias, who were chosen by God from before Jesus Christ’s birth, were also called by Him with the same authority and to serve the same functions on Earth, “but when it pleased God, who separated me from the womb of my mother, and called me by His grace...” Galatians 1: 15

Jesus Christ sent them to be light unto the ends of the Earth and to be messengers of the word of God, “For so hath the Lord commanded us, saying, I have set thee to be light of the Gentiles, that thou shouldest be for salvation unto the ends of the earth”. Acts 13: 47

After the passing of these Apostles, God chose to keep His Church and delegated authority from Earth for a time marked by Him in His eternity, “And to the woman were given the two wings of the great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.” Revelation 12: 14

The Resurgence of the Church of Christ Begins

It was the will of God that April 6, 1926, would be the signaled time to restore His authority on Earth and give way to the resurgence of the Church of Christ.

Eusebio Joaquin Gonzalez, originally from the western Mexican state of Jalisco, was called by God to begin his apostolic ministry. The Creator spoke to Eusebio announcing to him his mission.

"Your name will be Aaron, and I will make it known throughout the world and it will be a blessing!"

From that moment on, the Apostle Aaron Joaquin Gonzalez began the noble mission of bringing the message of Jesus Christ to the places that God had revealed him, restoring the doctrine, norms, principles and sacred acts of the early spiritual Christian Church.

He established the headquarters for the church, by divine design, in the city of Guadalajara as of December 12, 1926. God spoke to him saying: "I want you to preach the Gospel in this city, because I have a great people here that will serve me; and this will be the proof that I have sent you; I will be with you.” Then, during the 1930's and 40's, the church began to arrive at the main cities of Mexico.

In the 1950's, with the acquisition of a plot of land 15 hectares in size, it was possible to establish the international headquarters of the Church in what is now known as the Hermosa Provincia, which translates to Beautiful Province, a suburb located to the east of the city. The suburb is also the gathering center for the Holy convocation, the greatest spiritual festivity of the Church.

By 1964, the same year in which the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Aaron Joaquin Gonzalez, was called to the rest of the righteous, the church had arrived to 23 states in Mexico and three countries in North and Central America.

The cities and/or suburbs were:

The cities and/or suburbs were:

  • Aguascalientes: Aguascalientes;
  • Baja California North: Mexicali and Tijuana;
  • Coahuila: Boquilla de las Perlas, Ciudad Madero, Derramadero, la Rosa de San Pedro, Matamoros, San Pedro de las Colonias and Torreón.
  • Chihuahua: Ciudad Juárez;
  • Colima, Manzanillo;
  • Ciudad de México: la colonia San Felipe and colonia Vallejo en la delegación Gustavo A. Madero;
  • Durango: in the capital;
  • Estado de México: Acambay, Maravillas, Mayorazgo, San Pedro de los Baños and Totoltepec;
  • Guerrero, Acapulco;
  • Guanajuato, in the capital;
  • Jalisco: Magdalena, Ocotlán, Hermosa Provincia and 12 de Octubre, Guadalajara.
  • Michoacán: Apatzingán, Buenos Aires, El Litigio, La Estancia, Uruapan y Zamora;
  • Morelos: Cuautla, Cuernavaca, El Higuerón, Puente de Ixtla, Santa Fe and Zacatepec;
  • Nuevo León: Monterrey suburbs 2 de abril and Niño Aritllero;
  • Nayarit: Ahualamo, Jalcocotán, La Labor, Lamedero, Pajaritos, Santa María del Oro, Santiago Ixcuintla, and Tepic, suburbs Heriberto Casas and Hermosa Provincia, Tuxpan, el Yago y Zacualpan.
  • Oaxaca: Joliet and Palomares;
  • Puebla: Atlixco, El Seco, Izúcar de Matamoros, Negrete, Río Valiente, San Juan Acozac, San Simón de Bravo, Santo Nombre, Soltepec, Tecali, Tehuacán, Tepeaca, Zacapoaxtla, Ejido Comaltepec, Ejido el Molino, Ejido Francisco I. Madero, Ejido Las Lomas.
  • Puebla: in the capital.
  • San Luis Potosí: Dulce Grande;
  • Sinaloa: Culiacán and Mazatlán;
  • Sonora: Ciudad Obregón, Guaymas, Hermosillo and Empalme;
  • Tamaulipas: Ciudad Madero, Ciudad Mante, Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa and Tampico;
  • Veracruz: Córdoba, Colonia México and colonia Palo Solo, El Limón, El Nacimiento, Jalapa, Nogales, Ojo Zarco, Orizaba, Plan de las Hayas, Potrero, Tierra Blanca y Veracruz.
  • Zacatecas: Calera and Piedra Gorda.

Transnational Expansion of the Church

The Apostle of Jesus Christ Samuel Joaquin Flores was called by God to begin his apostolic ministry on June 9, 1964, to direct the Church that was, at the time, in Mexico, the United States, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

The fruit of his intense and noble work of evangelizing allowed him to consolidate the church in the four countries where it was already established, in México’s case all of the states, and to begin his work of expansion around the world.

In the 1960's, the first devotees from Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras were added to the growing membership. Between 1967 and 1969, the church's main temple was built, which was to be the international headquarters of the Church. The temple was created with a specialized design, which at the time was considered to be one of the most innovative and state-of-the-art architectural designs in Latin America.

In the 1970's, a door was opened to preaching in: Nicaragua, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil and Ecuador. By 1979 for the first time, after nearly 2000 years, the doctrine returned to the old continent, specifically to Spain, in the city of Murcia.

In the 1980's, the Apostle Samuel Joaquin promoted the preaching of the Gospel in Canada, Panama and Argentina.

The first believers in far away eastern lands were also added during this time from countries such as Israel and Australia in Oceania. During this same time period, particularly 1983, the most important infrastructure project of the Church began in Hermosa Provincia (the suburb in which the Church headquarters is located) in the city of Guadalajara; the construction of the international headquarters temple that was completed in 1992 and that is to this day, the tallest religious sanctuary in Latin America.

In the 1990’s, the transnational expansion of the Gospel continued saw the addition of other European nations such as: Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Moldavia and Switzerland, Nigeria in Africa. In the Caribbean, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Curazao and Peru in South America.

The beginning of the new millennium served as a motivator for the development of the infrastructure of the temples in the countries where until then the Church was present. The Apostle Samuel Joaquin inaugurated different regional temples in following cities in Mexico: Monterrey (2002), Tapachula (2005), Mexico City (2006), Leon (2008), Fortin (2009), Silao (2011); in the United States: Washington (2003) and Houston (2005), San Antonio (2010); in Central America: San Salvador (2000) San Pedro Sula (2007); Murcia, Spain (2006) and Paris, France (2010) in Europe.

During this time period, believers in the nations of Uruguay, Paraguay, Haiti, Holland, Norway, Finland, Romania, Ethiopia, India, China and the Philippines were also added to the Church.

By 2014, more than two thousand houses of prayer had been built and the growth of the Church during the administration of the Apostle Samuel Joaquin reached 5 million baptized members in 50 nations worldwide with México having the largest membership with 1.5 million members. On December 8, 2014 the Apostle Samuel Joaquin Flores slept in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ and obtained the reward that God gives those who overcome: the Crown of Eternal Life.

A New Era of Worldwide Evangelization Begins

That same day, after the physical departure of the Apostle Samuel Joaquín Flores, our brother Naasón Joaquín García received the divine calling to carry out the Apostolic Ministry. This calling is manifested to the Church on December 14, 2014, when he begins his time as an Apostle of Jesus Christ and nobly takes up the direction of the Church. As of his calling, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, has began a missionary universal tour to travel to every country and city where the Church is present and expand it to all of humanity for one of the teachings he preaches is that the Gospel is inclusive and shows no partiality towards any language, race or nationality. In January, 2015, the Apostle Naasón Joaquin García begins a universal tour for the expansion of the Church, beginning in Chile in South America. This marks the beginning of a new story of growth, development and spiritual joy!