Baptismal Ceremony held amidst Holy Convocation in Phoenix, Arizona

30 de May de 2024 | Holy Supper Phoenix, AZ, 2024

Christians of the southwestern states of the United States, with great joy, gathered on May 25, 26 and 27, 2024 to celebrate the Holy Convocation in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. This celebration brought together thousands of faithful who with great respect and reverence listened to the different topics presided in English and in Spanish.

On May 26, prior to the Celebration of the Holy Supper, baptisms were held at the temple of the Light of the World congregation of Phoenix, Arizona. During the baptismal ceremony, the presiding minister recalled the free will that each person has to decide to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ.

While the church and the choir sang a hymn, dozens of men and women passed through the central aisle of the temple to confirm their decision to be part of the church of Christ and adopt a life with Christian principles.

The candidates for baptism, as a symbol of acceptance, raised their right hand and answered “amen” to the questions asked during the profession of faith. One by one, the brothers were immersed in water to fulfill a teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.

After the baptisms, the church welcomed the new members with a hymn and a fraternal greeting. The brothers who were baptized were invited to assemble in front of the altar to join in prayer asking God to bless them on this new path they have begun.