The Light of the World is a Christian-based faith. Its practices are based on the biblical teachings of Christian fraternity and solidarity, teaching respect for human dignity, equal treatment, and non-discrimination.



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Holy Supper Phoenix, Arizona, 2024

Prayers – Holy Supper 2024 | Phoenix, Arizona

Christian Values through Biblical Studies Within the activities of the Holy Convocation that brought together thousands of faithful from the southwest region of the United States to the Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel, Bible Studies were presided as spiritual...

Holy Supper Washington, DC 2024

Holy Supper Chicago, Illinois 2024

Special Service of the Holy Supper: Do this in remembrance of ME

Due to the growth that the Lord's Church has been experiencing, the activities of May 6 and 7 were held in a larger venue, the House of Hope in Chicago, which has the capacity to host events for more than ten thousand people. The Light of the World Holy Supper held...

Holy Supper San Diego, California, 2024

“Communion” Photo Gallery displayed in San Diego

Christian fraternity was felt during the Holy Supper celebrated in this beautiful city among family members and even people who had never met, manifested in their greetings: "The peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you, my brother!" and "God bless you!". These expressions resonated among those present in the event halls where the most important festival of Christianity was held.

The Holy Supper: a call to communion with Christ

In an atmosphere of respect and fellowship, thousands of members of the Light of the World church from San Diego County, California gathered to commemorate the redemptive sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. Prior to the event, members of the choirs that would...

Baptisms and Bible Studies at San Diego Holy Supper

The Holy Convocation was celebrated for three days at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, California, where thousands of members from San Diego area congregations gathered to listen attentively to Bible studies presided by ministers invited to the Holy...

Welcome Ceremony – San Diego, California

The Holy Supper Welcoming Ceremony is a religious event that encompasses the multiculturalism of the Church throuth the choirs, cultures, ethnicities, languages, and flags, that symbolize the presence of the Christian faith in more than 60 countries around the...


As believers in God, what is happening in the world in terms of climate reminds us of one of our main duties: to take care of the earth, the home that God gave us to live in as long as we have life: The heavens are the heavens of the Lord; “The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord’s; But the earth He has given to the children of men.” (Psalms 115:16. NKJV).

International Day of Education 2022

The Light of The World recognizes that accessible educational for all is a human right and the key to a more sustainable development of our planet.

Holy Supper Los Angeles, California, 2024

Holy Supper, The Most Glorious Sacred Memorial

Congregants of The Light of the World Church in California, celebrated the Holy Supper of our Lord Jesus Christ in the city of Ontario on the evening of March 27th at the Toyota Arena. Members from cities throughout the state were in attendance to partake in the...

Christian Biblical teachings at the Holy Supper

Members of The Light of the World gathered for the Holy Supper festivity at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, CA.

Prior to the celebration of the Holy Supper, attendees heard biblical teachings in both Spanish and English focused on the Holy Supper's profound significance as instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Historic Holy Supper in California begins with Welcoming Ceremony

The Holy Convocation 2024 – held in the city of Ontario, California on March 25, began with the Welcoming Ceremony for the delegates from many cities of California who participated in this sacred memorial. The religious festivity was held in the Toyota Arena. The...

Holy Supper Houston, Texas, 2024

The Lord’s Supper is Celebrated in Houston

Houston, Texas, February 14, 2024. This afternoon, the Light of the World’s congregations from various cities in the state of Texas held a special Holy Supper service at the George R. Brown Convention Center. At three o'clock in the afternoon, the religious service...

Preparations for the Holy Convocation in Houston Texas 2024

The Holy Convocation of The Light of the World Church in Houston, Texas, from February 12 to 14, 2024, was marked by detailed preparation. Decorations reflected the event's solemnity, with chairs arranged for attendees and impeccable cleanliness. Clear signage...