Special Service of the Holy Supper: Do this in remembrance of ME

15 de May de 2024 | Holy Supper Chicago, Illinois, 2024

Due to the growth that the Lord’s Church has been experiencing, the activities of May 6 and 7 were held in a larger venue, the House of Hope in Chicago, which has the capacity to host events for more than ten thousand people.

The Light of the World Holy Supper held at the House of Hope was an event full of spirituality, devotion and community. After participating on May 6th of a day of prayers and messages based on the sacred scriptures, on the morning of May 7th, the attendees participated in a letter sent by the Apostle of Jesus Christ Naasón Joaquín García which highlighted “the prophecy in Psalm 48 does not refer to a physical space but rather a spiritual place, where the Election is, where the Authority is made manifest, and where the Sublime Presence of God descends, where God inspires my soul so that it may transform into “THE JOY OF ALL THE EARTH”.”

Afterwards, those gathered in this “Beautiful Province” proceeded to participate in a meditation prayer service, where the speaker motivated them to reflect on the importance of participating in the Lord’s Supper with a free conscience, reflecting on the importance of being better Christians and better citizens, as well as taking advantage of this festivity as a motivation to consolidate united families and a spirit of integral improvement.

The Holy Supper Service began at 3:00 p.m. The atmosphere was permeated with fervor and solemnity. The choirs sang sacred hymns that filled the space with moving melodies, uplifting the hearts of all present. The lights illuminated the altar, where the symbolic elements of the Holy Supper were arranged: the bread and wine, representing the body and blood of Christ. These elements that make up the Holy Supper, the bread and the juice of the vine, were prepared in an atmosphere of solemnity and between songs of the choir last May 3rd in the multipurpose room of the temple located on 90th Street.

The apostolic emissary led the ceremony with a special message that resonated in the hearts of those present, recalling the importance of this sacred act and the need to live a life according to the principles of love and service taught by Jesus Christ.

The parishioners, in reverent communion, partook of the sacred elements, remembering Christ’s sacrifice and renewing their commitment to their faith.
After the ceremony, attendees gathered in the common areas of the House of Hope to share moments of fellowship and celebration. They embraced, exchanged words of encouragement and shared experiences of faith, strengthening the bonds that unite them as a religious community: One Lord, one, the Election and one baptism.

The Light of the World’s Holy Supper in Chicago was more than just a religious ceremony, it was a sacred gathering where the parishioners came together to renew their commitment to their faith, strengthen their community and experience God’s presence in their lives.

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