Fraternal Gathering: Welcoming Ceremony

9 de May de 2024 | Holy Supper, Holy Supper Chicago, Illinois, 2024

The religious festivity began with a service of welcome to the attending delegates and special guests from the different countries such as Mexico and Costa Rica.

This fraternal welcoming event was held in Chicago at the Emil & Patricia Jones Convention Center of the Chicago State University for Spanish speakers and at the House of Prayer located on 65th Street for English speakers.

A very special moment of Christian unity was experienced when the representatives from each of the states passed through the main aisle waving their flags while the attendees raised their hands to give them a fraternal welcome.

It is worth mentioning that the faith communities of The Light of the World in the United States held this sacred memorial throughout this year in Houston (February 12 to 14), Los Angeles (March 25 to 27) and in San Diego (April 26 to 28).

The Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naasón Joaquín García, delivered a message to the attendees in which he expressed his desire of spiritual blessings for all the attendees as well as his accompaniment through faith in order to participate of the Holy Supper in perfect unity.