The photographic exhibition “Communion ” is presented in Phoenix.

30 de May de 2024 | Holy Supper Phoenix, AZ, 2024

After being displayed in Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, and Washington, the traveling exhibition titled “Communion” was presented at the Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel in Arizona.

The gallery contains dozens of photographs of recent Holy Suppers that congregations of The Light of the World faith have celebrated around the world. Each photograph depicts the fervor and respect with which each community of faith commemorates the work of love of our Lord Jesus Christ, who established the Holy Supper as the way to celebrate his redeeming sacrifice for humanity.

This photographic gallery is part of the activities shown during the Holy Supper celebrated in Arizona, which also brought together worshipers from Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico, who, united by their faith, fellowshipped peacefully and harmoniously, regardless of race, language, or other cultural differences.