Our faith and religious practices are based on the values of our redeemer Jesus Christ, who teaches us to do good unto others and seek peace with all. We implement our Christian faith in our everyday lives because we believe the Gospel of Christ is practiced and not only preached. We believe faith to be voluntary and that no one should suffer discrimination because of their beliefs.


Thus, since 1926, we have participated in actions of fraternal support for the benefit of both members and our fellow citizens. Following biblical principles, we dedicate our efforts to the well-being of our surrounding communities by providing food and shelter to families in need, helping people affected by natural disasters, promoting literacy programs and educational scholarships, and encouraging academic advancement at all levels, among other charitable activities.




We believe that God offers everyone a path of freedom and salvation for the souls, offering us spiritual communion, peace in our hearts, a life free of addictions, values and respect for one another, as well as the hope of eternal heavenly life. Indeed, God’s love offers us blessings both in this life and the life to come.


Throughout our existence, we have pursued family unity and harmony as one of our primary goals.  The Bible teaches us that love and respect for one another are the founding pillars of marriage, and that the unity of parents, children and family members is a distinctive quality in Christian homes.

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