The Light of the World Congregations in Texas Hold Baptismal Ceremony in Houston Prior to the Holy Supper

16 de February de 2024 | Holy Supper, Holy Supper Houston, TX 2024

Houston, Texas, February 13, 2024. As part of the Holy Supper activities held at the George R. Brown Convention Center, a Baptismal Ceremony was held for those who have decided to integrate to this community of faith.

The dozens of believers who decided to be baptized according to the Christian doctrine expressed their spiritual joy when the minister who presided over the religious ceremony invited them to approach the area located in front of the alter.

Prior to the baptismal ceremony, the presiding minister asked seven questions to the aspirants to baptism, who raised their right hand as a sign of freely accepting the beliefs and principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The authorized deacons performed the sacred act by reverently invoking the name of Jesus Christ and immersing in water all who accepted God into their hearts.

The baptismal ceremony took place in an atmosphere of solemnity and joy, with the active participation of the Texas choir. The families and loved ones of the participants were also present to witness the ceremony.

Through baptism, purity and forgiveness of sins are achieved, so that the soul may obtains spiritual redemption. It constitutes a fundamental pillar of faith, being a moment of free decision and spiritual commitment to Jesus Christ, to partake of the spiritual blessings that come with being part of His Church, one of them being, the participation of the Holy Supper.