Baptisms and Bible Studies at San Diego Holy Supper

30 de April de 2024 | Holy Supper, Holy Supper San Diego, CA

The Holy Convocation was celebrated for three days at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, California, where thousands of members from San Diego area congregations gathered to listen attentively to Bible studies presided by ministers invited to the Holy Convocation.

The purpose of the exposition of the topics during the Holy Convocation is to encourage the faithful to continue firmly on the path established by the gospel of Jesus Christ while being light of the world through good deeds. The messages recalled biblical examples of the love of Christ for humanity and the importance of living in Christian values and principals.

On April 25, at the temple located in the historic Barrio Logan of San Diego, brethren who had received the preaching of the doctrine of Jesus Christ, in the use of their freedom of religion, decided to be baptized and live by Christian precepts instilled by the Gospel of our Lord.

In an atmosphere of solemn spirituality, the minister who led the baptismal service invited those who wanted to be baptized to approach the altar and participate in a profession of faith by raising their right hand and saying amen. By doing so, they affirm their agreement on each of the questions to proceed to the baptism ceremony performed by a Deacon of the Lord’s Church, who, by Apostolic authority invoked the name of Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins and opportunity of eternal life. In the baptism each person is immersed completely in water, which represents the blood of Christ, and thus becomes part of the church of Jesus Christ.