Light of The World Guides Autistic Student to Academic Success

1 de January de 2021 | EDUCATION

Asareel Ulrich Stefano Garcia Trejo was a very unique elementary school student. He struggled with basic math problems involving addition and subtraction, but for some reason, could handle sophisticated algebra that was far above his age level. His parents were mystified. Why was their son struggling so much in some areas while excelling at others? They prayed for an answer.

Their faith in the teachings and practices of The Light of the World (La Luz del Mundo) not only guided them through those challenging times, but also helped them get the type of specialized education that has made Asareel into a thriving university student today.

The mystery began to unravel when a physician diagnosed their son with Asperger Syndrome, a neurological condition that makes normal development difficult because it alters the way a person learns. This treatable autism spectrum disorder can affect an individual’s social skills and the way they process information.

At age 12, with support from his mother, Asareel graduated from elementary school by taking exams commonly administered to middle and high school-age students. It was clear his learning capacity was much more advanced than most children his age.

But because Asareel didn’t do well in traditional school, The Light of the World’s very own Sister Shay stepped in to help. She contacted the National Institute for Adult Education (INEA) and arranged for Asareel to take his middle school exam there, which he passed with flying colors at age 15.

Today, Asareel is an outstanding student at the National Institute of Pediatrics in Mexico City, where he is specializing in DNA and RNA. His guiding purpose is to create a vaccine to combat a range of diseases afflicting minors. He also studies applied mathematics, astrophysics, and astronomy. He has excelled in the courses he has taken at the Institute of Astronomy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Like Asareel, thousands of youths throughout the world remain motivated to seek their academic and spiritual advancement. They succeed by applying the teachings and practices of The Light of the World faith: to be good Christians for God and good citizens for the world.