Why The Light of World Promotes Cultural Diversity, the Arts, and Sign Language

1 de January de 2021 | Stories

Cultural appreciation and the promotion of the arts are integral to the diverse membership of The Light of the World congregations around the world. 

Members have received international recognition for their expertise in opera singing, playing musical instruments, painting, photography, and other areas. Light of the World (La Luz del Mundo) members have been honored nationally in the areas of folklore, dance, oratory contests, and other artistic specialties.  

Time and time again, The Light of the World members rise to success by practicing the universal values that the gospel of Jesus Christ has stirred in each of them. 

To help promote cultural development, The Light of the World congregations have founded several language schools where certified teachers help students learn foreign languages, such as English, French, Italian, and Portuguese, among others.

Sign language is a special focus in the Light of the World congregations. In fact, for more than 30 years, members have been dedicating their lives to learning the skill and assisting the hearing impaired with sign language. 

This devotion to cultural diversity extends even further. Every year, The Light of the World holds an annual religious celebration known as the Holy Convocation where diverse cultures from multiple countries come together for an event that has historically been hosted in Guadalajara, Mexico.  

Every year the Mexican state of Jalisco and the municipalities of the metro Guadalajara area receive and give recognitions to The Light of the World representatives from each country to promote and share religious and cultural tourism.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us to respect the diversity of cultures – this was the mission given to his apostles: to expand the word of salvation to all races, tribes, people, and tongues (Luke 24:47).

The Light of the World is committed to continuing this mission by promoting educational and cultural development, organizing public events open to everyone who wants to attend. 

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