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Longtime Nurse Credits Career of Service to The Light of the World

1 de January de 2021 | PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT

Betania Delgado Rivera started her nursing career as a pharmacy assistant at the Mexican Social Security Institute of Nayarit, and ultimately devoted 18 years to helping others.

She credits The Light of the World faith with inspiring her to serve others. The dedicated nurse was recognized with a service award before she retired.

Her path was not easy and required effort, motivation, and strong support. She found it all at The Light of The World. Betania says that the teachings of the Apostolic Doctrine were her guiding light throughout her accomplished career.

Betania was inspired to become a nurse after hearing other church members’ success stories and learning how The Light of The World’s teachings provided motivation.

Determined to advance, she studied hard and became a full-fledged nurse. After she graduated, she began working in medical care.

On Nurse’s Day in 2018, the Federal Government presented Betania with the Quality Nursing Care Recognition for her determination to excel and her years of devoted patient care.

Former patients joined Betania and celebrated her lifetime achievement with joyous hugs. To them, she was an angel whose medical care and kind words had helped restore their health. Her kind words consoled them and gave them hope and trust in God, the creator of life who alone can bless us with health and happiness.


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