When it comes to succeeding in college, some would say hanging out with friends can be a distraction. For Mahely and Dizahab that certainly was not the case; in fact, quite the contrary. They attest their success to having a buddy system, someone to push them along the way.  Higher education is not always easy, especially when you have a family of your own with a lot of responsibilities, but having a friend as support is crucial for success. 

These two determined ladies had a common goal:  graduating college and obtaining a career. They were able to support each other by studying together, carpooling, proofreading each others papers, reminding each other of due dates, providing emotional support with affirmations like “Good luck/God bless you on your exam — you’re going to do great,” and engaging each other in academic discussions. This friendship was their life line in moments of stress. 

Now, Mahely is an elementary bilingual teacher with eight years of experience and numerous recognitions throughout her career. She states, “Teaching has given me the opportunity to follow the Apostolic teachings. Compassion, perseverance, and love are virtues that teachers should demonstrate in the classroom. I’m grateful to have learned these virtues. Every day, I strive to apply these virtues in my classroom to create future leaders in our community.” 

Dizahab is now a kindergarten teacher with 8 years of experience  as well; and, recently graduated with her Masters in Education.  Dizahab noted, “My motivation to pursue an educational career has always been the  Apostolic teaching of serving the community. Attaining an academic career, although difficult, can be accomplished with God’s help and determination. As a teacher, I have a responsibility to help students and parents achieve their dreams.” 

The satisfaction of teaching the young minds of tomorrow is what success is truly about. Being a guiding light to their students and empowering others made their journey all the more worth it.  Having obtained their dream careers, they cannot think of anything better than helping members of their community achieve their own goals of becoming teachers.