For more than 20 years, Eustolia Phillips has been making life sweet for her neighbors. The Houston octogenarian is the founding owner of Phillips Family Sweet Shop. She regularly shares her love for baking with community members at events hosted by her Light of the World congregation in Houston, Texas.

“I show my love through food and feeding others. It brings me great joy to know that something I make with my own hands is enjoyed so much,” Eustolia said.

The apostolic teaching has helped support the spirit of service and dedication in Eustolia’s heart over the years.

Her specialties are cakes and cupcakes, and she switches her recipes and designs to match the season. Eustolia’s booth is adorned with matching seasonal décor, so the mood there is always festive.

At age 81, Eustolia has no plans to retire.

“I get tired just like anyone else, but working my booth gives me a sense of purpose and it keeps me moving. It makes me feel useful,” she explained. “I have regular customers, not only people from my community but also from nearby communities who come looking for me at every festival.”

Her secret to a long and productive life? Love.

“Everything I do, I do with love, dedication, and to the best of my abilities,” Eustolia noted. “I feel that it’s important to push oneself outside of our comfort zone so we can grow every day. In the end, I am just like anyone else.”