Light of the World Congregation Partners with Community in Orange, California for Highway Adoption Initiative

6 de November de 2023 | COMMUNITY OUTREACH

In an inspiring display of community spirit and environmental responsibility, the Light of the World local congregation volunteers have teamed up with the City in Orange, California, to adopt a stretch of highway. This initiative is part of the broader “Adopt-a-Highway” program, an effort spearheaded by the California Department of Transportation that encourages groups to maintain cleanliness and beauty along designated highway sections.

Rooted in the apostolic teachings that emphasize the importance of being good citizens and stewards of the Earth, the congregation’s members have brought their values into action. By collaborating on this effort, they’re not only practicing their faith but also demonstrating an unwavering commitment to civic engagement.

The joint efforts focus on:

  • Removing litter,
  • Enhancing and preserving green spaces,
  • Undertaking beautification projects,
  • And other community-centric activities.

This partnership exemplifies the power of collective action. The Light of the World congregation understands that their consistent maintenance efforts can significantly impact the local environment. Through regular clean-up and beautification drives, they are actively contributing to the upkeep of Orange, California’s natural charm.

This initiative extends beyond just environmental upkeep; it’s a testament to the congregation’s dedication to being active, contributing members of their community. Their involvement in the Adopt-a-Highway program underscores a belief in the transformative power of community collaboration and shared responsibility.

As they work alongside neighbors and friends, the Light of the World congregation is setting a powerful example of how faith-based organizations can positively impact their communities, promoting a culture of care and collective responsibility. Their efforts are ensuring that the scenic city of Orange remains a clean, green, and welcoming place for all its residents and visitors.