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Temple Grand Opening in Richmond, Virginia

18 de May de 2021 | Others, COMMUNITY OUTREACH

RICHMOND, Va. – On Sunday, the doors of another House of Prayer opened in the city of Richmond.

In Richmond, Virginia there are more than 300 temples, and the Richmond Light of the World congregation recently opened a temple to worship God and provide a place for members of the community to gather peacefully.

Grand Opening of Richmond Temple

Members of The Light of the World congregation worked to beautify the newly opened 250-seat temple for the Glory of God over the last few years. Their hard work was greatly rewarded with joy at having the temple opened.

“It’s a beautiful opportunity to be able to give the Glory to God in a new temple that has been dedicated to him,” said the event spokesperson. “To be able to unite in these times and find a way to deliver a message of communion with God that invites all members of the community to join together and live peacefully is a beautiful moment.”

Deacon Eliseo Magallon with Welcome Address

In compliance with the current health measures and to ensure the well-being of all attendees, those who entered, entered with face shields, masks, maintaining safe social distance, had their temperature taken, and applied antibacterial gel on their hands.

“The doors of the temple remain open to everyone who wishes to come visit and hear the word of God,” expressed Deacon Eliseo Magallon.

Interior of temple

As of May 16, 2021, the doors of the new temple of The Light of the World congregation in Richmond located at 104 Cowardin Ave opened and will remain open daily from 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm for anyone who wants to come pray and listen to a message of love, peace, and unity.

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