TLOTW Spiritual New Year 2021

1 de August de 2021 | Stories

August 1st marks the beginning of our spiritual New Year, as well as the days leading in to the Holy Supper celebration in remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for the sake of humanity. The Holy Supper brings together brothers and sisters of different cultures, races, and languages and displays the importance of solidarity no matter someone’s personal background.

This is also a time to reflect on the challenges we have faced and overcome together as a community over the past year. The Holy Supper serves as a reminder of our faith’s unity and perseverance and how God’s love can only strengthen us in the face of adversity. The Light of the World faith has already reached across five continents and continues to grow stronger and reach more people each day.

In observation of guidelines set by international health agencies as well as federal, state, and local governments, the members of The Light of the World congregations will participate in the Holy Supper 2021 like the previous year, from the home of each family.

The Atlanta Congregation celebrates the Spiritual New YearAt locations where health guidelines allow the reopening of temples, the attendance and celebration of religious services will be carried out within the parameters established by local health guidelines. Capacities will be limited to the percentages and schedules recommended by local governing authorities, honoring one of the principles we have learned from the Apostle of Jesus Christ, that good Christians for God are good citizens for the world.

We encourage our members to use this celebration as motivation to not only reach out but strengthen the bonds between their brethren. For it is only together that we can spread God’s message of forgiveness and freedom to the world.

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