When he was five years old, Jibsam sang his heart out in a church choir that forever changed his life.

The young boy joined a choir at The Light of the World congregation in Guadalajara at an early age and immediately fell in love with music.

Today, 19-year-old Jibsam is passionate when he explains how encouragement from his congregation spurred him to reach higher. He is an active member of the “We Are One” choir, composed of music lovers who choose music as a lifestyle and incorporate it into every part of their lives.

“I used to go to the worship services and be amazed by how they sang, the sound they produced, the emotions they evoked. My parents enrolled me in the children’s choir, where I participated from five to thirteen years old,” Jibsam explained. “During that time, my life changed completely because I was not only taught praise and religious material, but I also learned music theory to understand what I was doing.”

Jibsam believes music is a universal language that unites society by providing beautiful sounds which break down social status and racial barriers. His family was supportive of his musical journey.

“It is very easy to feel discouraged, but I have always been surrounded by people who support me in everything I do. My family has always shown interest and given me words of encouragement,” Jibsam said.

As Jibsam grew up, his desire to give back to his community got stronger. Encouraged by his mentors, Jibsam and several peers joined the “We Are One” choir.  The inclusive musical group’s objective is to promote artistic-cultural development while fostering values in children and youth.  “We Are One” choir includes members from around the world. The group’s goal is to break down barriers through the language of music.

But don’t take our word for it – take a listen and see for yourself!