The Light of World Faithful Let Their Values Shine During​ Challenging Times

1 de January de 2021 | Stories

The coronavirus pandemic has been isolating and frightening for people throughout the world, but members of The Light of the World congregations (La Luz del Mundo) know they are not alone.

Members from The Light of the World congregations worldwide have performed numerous acts of kindness and generosity during the pandemic, supporting each other and helping each other stay strong. But the love and care of the faithful were not directed solely at their own communities – everyone in need, regardless of their beliefs, have been the focus of The Light of the World’s community outreach efforts.

“We have been contributing for about nine months now and the help has not ceased. On the contrary, it has grown,” said Jack Freeman, a spokesman for The Light of the World. “Be it in the United States, Mexico, Spain, or other countries, The Light of the World volunteers have been organizing to help those in need.”

Since mid-March of 2020 when the pandemic took hold, official gatherings have been suspended. As a result, for the past year, The Light of the World faithful have been attending worship services online. Still, the love and the spirit of Christian fraternity among the congregants have not remained indoors. The Light of the World members around the world have discovered an opportunity to manifest their faith through the practice of their Christian values.

Donations from members of The Light of the World congregations have made a meaningful impact towards families in need around the world.

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